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so I've been trying to make a gadget for google sites and have created two options to insert urls to a .ogg and .mp3 files. Here is my code:

<UserPref name="ogguri" display_name="Url to your .ogg file" datatype="string" required="true" />
<UserPref name="mp3uri" display_name="Url to your .mp3 file" datatype="string" required="true" />
<Content type="html">

   function doRender(){
      var prefs = new gadgets.Prefs();
      var ogguri = prefs.getString('ogguri');
      var mp3uri = prefs.getString('mp3uri');  
      var ogg = document.getElementById("ogg"); 
      var mp3 = document.getElementById("mp3");
  //add proper attributes
      ogg.setAttribute("src", "ogguri"); 
      mp3.setAttribute("src", "mp3uri");

I am having trouble as the out put of the <audio> elements adds the src attribute but it prints out as src="ogguri" or src="mp3uri" I am having trouble seeing where the problem is or what I should do. It seems to me that the ogguri and mp3uri are not getting defined.

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