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I am in the need of changing the range(min and max value) of the NumberSpinner dynamically according to the selection made through some FilteringSelect.

In the onChange event of the FilteringSelect, I have coded something like as follows:-


Is this (minvalue & maxvalue) the correct attribute to set ? Please note that I am using dojo 1.4

Thanks in advance.

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You can try setting the "constraints" member.

spinner.attr("constraints", {max: 50, min: 10});

Note that it overwrites the old constraints. For example, if the constraints were {max: 2, min: 0, places: 1}, the above will effectively discard the "places" constraint.

You can overcome that by first retrieving the old constraints, making the changes you want, and then setting it again:

var constraints = spinner.attr("constraints");
constraints.max = 20;
constraints.min = 10;
spinner.attr("constraints", constraints);
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