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If I have a jquery script that shows and hides an element when hover, how do I make my element thats supposed to hide stay displayed if I click on it?

//this shows the element on mousein
//this hides element on mouseout

The reason its list-item, its because this element I'm clicking is a <li> tag. I believe this is why it should be list-item and not block? Also, When I just do alert($(element).css('display')); within the click function, it shows list-item.

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you're adding the click handler on each hover... the code should be something like: $(selector).hover(function(){...}, function(){...}).click(function(){...}); – roberkules Jan 19 '12 at 4:37

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Inside of your click handler, you can unbind the hover event after showing the element:

    $(selector).unbind('mouseenter mouseleave')
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Try this code on div:

     function() { $(this).children(".comment_actions").show(); }, 
     function() { $(this).children(".comment_actions").hide(); } 
     function(){ $(this).children(".comment_actions").show(); }
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declare a another click event handler and toggle the element.

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I would add a class stating whether or not the element has been clicked.

$(element).click(function () {
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