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I have a example:

Good Bye
Hello World 
Bye Morning


Good Mor


Good Bye
Bye Morning

Have in mysql function search with this keyword ? LIKE, MATCH, how ideas ?

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Check the MySql Full-Text Search

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great ! thanks you – user1099407 Jan 19 '12 at 4:55

Full-text searching is somewhat akin to a LIKE condition, but is much faster, requiring a FULLTEXT index to be created for the table columns targeted in the search. To search the title and description columns of a table, entries, the following statement would create the proper index

Something like below:

 SELECT * FROM table
 WHERE MATCH (content)
 AGAINST ('Good Mor');
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Try this:

inputstring =%+input+%;
SELECT word FROM word_table WHERE word LIKE '"+inputstring+"'";

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