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I'm writing a gui program and have an AbstractAction for a Jbutton that opens a file. In a JComboBox I have a list of the files that have been opened. The AbstractAction for the JComboBox will change back to any of the files that have been opened. When I update the list for a JComboBox though the action fires.

So when I actually open a file the JComboBox action fires, and when I use the JComboBox the action fires once, then a second time when updating.

Is there a way i can stop the event when just updating the JComboBox list?

Thanks in advance

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You can remove the listener and then re-add it. Or you could have it's actions controlled by a boolean field. –  Hovercraft Full Of Eels Jan 19 '12 at 5:06
Is removing, re-adding, more efficient than just letting the event be called, and having a check inside the AbstractAction actionPerformed method? Currently I just check if the new file's name is equal to updated, and if it is I skip most of what happens in the event. –  Dustin Jensen Jan 19 '12 at 6:10

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The answer is in the design, particularly in separation of concers: don't think view-with-two-actions, instead think many-views-change-state-of-single-data.

In pseudo-code something like:

// data class
public class MyOpenFilesBean {

    private File currentFile; 

    public void setCurrentFile(File current) {
         File old = getCurrentFile();
         this.currentFile = current;
         firePropertyChange("currentFile", old, getCurrentFile());

    public File getCurrentFile() {
        return currentFile;


// view wiring (view --> data)

Action open = new AbstractAction(...) {

      public void actionPerformed(...) {
          File choosenFile = // grab it from whereever in the view


// view wiring (data --> view)

PropertyChangeListener l = new PropertyChangeListener() {
     public void propertyChanged(...) {
         if ("currentFile".equals(evt.getPropertyName()) {
               // a method implemented to update f.i. the combo selection  
               updateView((File) evt.getNewValue());
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