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Fandjango (a Facebook Graph API wrapper for Django) looks great, so I pip install it and I'm off and running or so I think. I try and replicate the basic example given in the readme. Well, I get an error there saying that I don't have some settings in my settings.py that aren't mentioned in any of the pydjango documentation that I can find, so I do a little digging and find out about fandjango-example.

This seems to be reasonably up to date, so I take the advice dispensed at that page and add some settings to my settings.py:

FACEBOOK_APPLICATION_SECRET_KEY = '214e4cb484c28c35f18a70a3d735999b'


Unfortunately, that's giving me a new error:

ImproperlyConfigured: Error importing middleware facebook.djangofb: "No module named facebook.djangofb"

Some more googling, and I see people asking whether pyfacebook is installed. I look into my "pip freeze" and don't find it, so I go and get it from github:

pip install git+git://github.com/sciyoshi/pyfacebook.git

But now I suspect that I'm referencing the wrong facebook object because I'm getting:

'Facebook' object has no attribute 'user'

So, where did I go wrong?

I'm running Python 2.6 on OS X with

pyfacebook==1.0a2  # will probably kill this

(and I also tested it on an AWS Ubuntu micro-instance, same results)

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googling for 'facebook.djangofb' it looks like the sciyoshi/pyfacebook is the right dependency – Anentropic Jan 19 '12 at 16:16
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Fandjango is not related to and does not depend upon pyfacebook. In fact, these libraries are incompatible in that they both add a facebook property to the request object. You'll need to remove pyfacebook from your middleware classes if you want to use Fandjango.

Please refer to the the documentation for installation and configuration instructions.

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Ah, that's the documentation I needed. I missed it the first (and second through fifth) times I visited the site, not realizing that sentence was a link. You may wish to consider add the "installation and configuration" section to the main table of contents – urbushey Jan 22 '12 at 1:09

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