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Within a java program, I want to calculate the diff between two versions of a src file in a cvs repository. The cvs repository is on a different machine and the java program on my local machine need to query it. I do not know if there is an exposed API for such a task.

After searching on google, I came to know that there is a cvs diff command that performs a similar job but as I said, I donot have the cvs server residing on my local machine to manipulate and configure it as per my needs. Moreover, I need to perform the querying in a java program. In what lines should I proceed with this?

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As an aside, cvs diff is used to compare locally checked out code against versions in the repository. If you want to compare two versions directly in the repository you should use cvs rdiff. –  Burhan Ali Jan 19 '12 at 9:38

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Access CVS repositories from Java with jCVS.

SVN repository you could access with SVNKit.

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You do not need cvs server on local machine, cvs/svn command-line client is enough.

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