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I have Table

# File : MyRelations.py
ACC_ADD_TABLE = Table('acc_add_rel', METADATA,
    Column('acc_id', ForeignKey('acc.id'),
    Column('add_id', ForeignKey('address.id'),
    PrimaryKeyConstraint('add_id', 'acc_id'),

# File : Address.py
class Address(Base):
    id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True,)
    type = Column(String(length=10), nullable=False)

# File : Account.py
class Account(Base):
    id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True,)
    addresses = relationship('Address',
#   default_address = relationship('Address',
#                           secondary=ACC_ADD_TABLE,
#                           primaryjoin=and_("ACC_ADD_TABLE.add_id==Address.id",
#                                            "ACC_ADD_TABLE.acc_id==Account.id",
#                                            "Address.type='default'")
#                           )

As per the example I want to access the all default addresses in account. I can use declared_attr or can write the function but is there any way to combine Table and Class attribute in single and_ operation?

Note: Address.py and Account.py both are different files and due to cycle dependency I cant import any model in other model

Thx for you help.

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This works without requiring an import:

default_address = relationship('Address',
                       secondaryjoin="and_(address.c.id==acc_add_rel.c.add_id, address.c.type=='default')",
                       #uselist = True,

If you are certain that there is only one default address, you might use uselist=True for convenience.
Sometimes I prefer the other structure for such situations though: add a column to the Account table: default_address_id and build 1-[0..1] relationship based on this column, still checking that the referenced Address is also part of Account.addresses M-N relationship.

On the side note, a typo: in your (commented) code you should use == instead of = in "Address.type='default'". This does not solve the problem though.

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Thx @van this is working for me :). I was expecting that you are the first from where I get the answer ;). – Lafada Jan 19 '12 at 8:40
@Lafada: fantastic! Yeah, using SO to stay tuned on the SA topics. – van Jan 19 '12 at 8:48

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