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I've inherited some code which uses the Lucene API to query a Solr index.

The code does a lot of searches, and at the end converts all found lucene documents to solr documents:

// doc:Document

val sdoc = new SolrDocument

for (f:Fieldable <- doc.getFields if f.isStored) {

This works fine, except for when the field value isn't a string, e.g. floats or booleans. On float fields, stringValue() returns some weird characters (e.g. ¿£൱), presumably the string representation of a float.

How do I properly get the float value from a Lucene document?

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how are you storing floats? which version of lucene are you using? Do you see the correct value when inspected using Luke? –  naresh Jan 19 '12 at 10:56

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For Numeric stored as binary value, you need to get by doc.getBinaryValue(fieldName) you will get byte[] as return value which you will have to convert it into your appropriate numeric value. This is what you could do:

    sdoc.addField(fieldName, doc.get(fieldName));
} else{
    ByteBuffer buff = ByteBuffer.wrap(doc.getBinaryValue(fieldName));
    sdoc.addField(fieldName, buff.getFloat());

Here's a SO Quetion that provides help with the conversion.

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what if the field is a sdouble (SortableDouble)? the code runs to the not a binary field block for sdouble, as a result, i got a weird string like " @#sV7&"...thanks for your help! –  trillions Jun 21 '12 at 18:36

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