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I was reading android source code in that I am not getting what does OPEN GL ES library do and what does EGL library do.?

Is there any relationship between this two libraries?

I have looked at but still not getting.

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Crude analogy : OpenGLES provides you the brush, the colour paint & the stencil while EGL will get you the canvas/paper to paint on. –  another.anon.coward Jan 19 '12 at 8:22
wov...if i would ever accept any comment as answer then i will accept ur comment...!!! –  Jeegar Patel Jan 19 '12 at 10:34

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EGL is the interface between OpenGL ES and the underlying native display platform. It is used to create & manage rendering surfaces & graphics contexts.

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EGL is used to manage the various display buffers (ie: images you see on the screen) and the OpenGL ES context. These are necessary to use OpenGL ES. So you can think of EGL as an initialization layer for OpenGL ES.

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Note that desktop OpenGL has no interaction with EGL, only OpenglES and OpenVG. Take a look here: Can anyone explain the way the "Khronos stack" of technologies fits together?

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Open GL is basically an API for creating applications that draw 2D and 3D graphics. EGL allows you to render APIs like OpenGL. You have many pages explaining this, not difficult to find if you google OpenGL and EGL. For example at khronos.

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If you are familiar with programming OpenGL on Windows, MacOSX or Linux - EGL is similar as what WGL is on Windows, GLX is on Linux and what AGL/CGL is on MacOSX.

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