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I know this is a very common question. But I've looked through SO and google but I'm still unable to remove the first occurance or first few characters of a string which I retrieved from mysql.

I've got a table like this.

Name | Age

James| 27

My sql query (Select name from Human)

Once I execute the command from my bash script, it retrieves the row name (Name) and entry (James) in this form Name James when I only need James. How do I remove the word Name (including the space after it)? I want to store the result in a string and not echo it.

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I think what you want is the mysql command line option --skip-column-names which will prevent the first line containing the column names to be returned with the SELECT query. Try that.

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Even better! Thanks –  Hend Jan 19 '12 at 8:30

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