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Connect to SQL Server via (ODBC System DSN?) (No WinNT Auth) using VB6 / Access2003.

I don't know if my code** is correct. Could someone give me an example that do the following:

  • Connect to SQLServer 2005/2008 (Normal and Express)
  • Connect via ODBC (or would it work without ODBC?)
  • Using SQL Authentification instead of NT Authentification
  • No Trusted Connection available (Username / Password needed)

Background info. We wrote a program which connects to a SQL Server via ODBC - System DSN. It works quietly good IF the connection is trusted OR IF the user is in the same domain. (Using Windows NT Authorisation instead of SQL-Authorisation).

Now to my problem: When someone's got no Windows NT Authorisation, you must choose SQL Authorisation, set up Username and Password (created inside the SQL Server). (For example. The master machine is running SQL Server on Win XP, Vista or Win 7. Without being in a Domain).

Now this happens when I try to connect my piece of code with the new ODBC Connection. (Which is using SQL Auth --> User/Pass). Everytime I open the program, I must enter the password for the Connection once to connect my Tables with my Access Database.

ConnectionStrings.com didn't helped me.

My connectionstrings for a SQL Authentificated Connection looks like:

**ODBC;DATABASE=MyDatabase;DESCRIPTION=Connection to my Database;DSN=ODBCConnection;OPTION=0;PWD=MyPass;PORT=1433;SERVER=MyNormalMachine\SQLEXPRESS;UID=MyUser

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Thanks Remou for the Reply, stackoverflow.com/questions/2601034/… doesn't give me a proper Solution, stackoverflow.com/questions/3998924/… seems legit but its not the good idea to save it in readable text (we would save passes crypted and decrypt them while building the Connection String) is there another possibility for connection with SQL Server with SQL Authentification where you send the password by hand? –  Daniel Alexander Karr Jan 19 '12 at 13:11
I am afraid I do not quite get that. What do you mean "by hand"? I thought you did not wish to enter a password? –  Fionnuala Jan 19 '12 at 13:26
my wish is it to save the password inside the local database, open those field with the pass in it, set it into the connectionstring to get the other tables from SQL Server into my local Database. –  Daniel Alexander Karr Jan 19 '12 at 13:35
How are we going to tell if your code is correct if you didn't include it in your question? –  JohnFx Jan 27 '12 at 21:24

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Try concatenating a connection string as follows:

sConnect = "driver={SQL Server};server=" & gsServer & ";" & "database=" & sDatabaseName & ";uid=" & sUserName & ";pwd=" & sPassword
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