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I must use several Citrix desktops, where "COPY/PASTE" from the local machine to the server is disabled. Are there workarounds or tricks to bypass this limitation?

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I've encountered the same problem and have a partial somewhat contrived solution. It allows me to get a little more than 1kb of text from sandboxed Internet Explorer instance.

I use to create a QR-code from the text. Create it in greatest possible resolution and open it. Take a screenshot of the window on the clipboard by pressing Alt-PrtScr. Then I use a small utility (see to extract text from the picture on the clipboard.

It is a sick world!

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We don't have permissions to change any settings on the machine, so the easiest way is to use an online notepad.

Not the smoothest, but keep them open, and it takes ~3 seconds to paste it in, save, switch to remote terminal, and refresh the page.

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+1 for this idea. The trouble with is that it uses a randomised URL path which one immediately wants to copy/paste... uses a username/password and is therefore more user-friendly, though I found its interface somewhat clunky. I also found which uses a randomised URL path like shrib, but you can customise it to your own string. I preferred the interface on itextpad, unfortunately it was blocked by corporate policy :/ – Ed Randall May 13 at 17:56
Found which is simple and works. It requires you to append a custom path and works one-time only, after that the text is deleted. Ideal for this purpose. – Ed Randall May 13 at 18:22

You would need to defined it in the Citrix policy to only restricted or not restrict based on certain conditions.

The answer would also depend on the direction you are coming from? As a user trying to circumvent the system, or a tech trying to have a select group of users approved to do so.

I'm not aware of any tricks, to circumvent.


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I was running on a similar situation but in my case I was trying to copy files from remote (Windows) to local.

To solve that issue I killed the rdpclip.exe on remote and started it again.

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