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Within a HttpModule, I'd like to figure out which web method was called/intercepted and act based on that. For example, if I called WebMethod1, do something, yet do nothing for WebMethod2.

If I look at soap:Header and soap:Body, I can see the method name but would it be alright to parse the soap:Envelope and if so, which part?

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If the two method have a common endpoint you need to parse the SOAP message to determine what method is called. In this case you need to check the <soap:Body> tag and find the operation name that is the first element name that belongs to the body tag.

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Thanks, that was it :) – KoturB Jan 19 '12 at 14:20

Here's my code that parses the soap message:

    System.Xml.XmlDocument doc=new System.Xml.XmlDocument();

    foreach (XmlNode xn in doc)
        foreach (XmlElement element in xn)
            if (element.Name == "soap:Body")
                result = element.FirstChild.Name;

    return result;
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