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From the string "Fabulous two, three, or six night Stay For Two With Meals" I want to capture say 5 words before the word 'night'. In this example I want to get ['Fabulous', 'two', 'three', 'or', 'six']

I am currently using s.scan(/(?:\w+)/) which returns tokenized array:

["fabulous", "two", "three", "or", "six", "night", "Stay", "For", "Two", "With", "Meals"]

and then I index through it to find the word 'night'. However I was wondering if regexp can also accomplish this step too.

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Simply add a positive lookahead to your scan to ensure that the word 'night' follows:


#=> ["Fabulous", "two", "three", "or", "six"]
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You can get the preceding 5 words by using /(?:\w+\W+){5}(?=night)/, which returns "Fabulous two, three, or six ". You can then continue to split it into words (could not figure out how to put them in the same regex).

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