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Hello i am using ORMLite 4.33.

I have an entity class that gives me an error when trying to destroyTable:

E/AndroidRuntime(6715): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Field class
     java.lang.String for field FieldType:name=udm,class=Prodotti is not valid
     for data persister com.j256.ormlite.field.types.EnumStringType@40a3a2e0

here is the class

@DatabaseTable(tableName = "Prodotti")
public class Prodotti extends BaseDaoEnabled{
    @DatabaseField(dataType = DataType.ENUM_STRING,
         columnDefinition="VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT NULL")
    //also tried @DatabaseField(dataType = DataType.ENUM_STRING)
    private String udm;

I runned DatabaseConfigUtil to update the ormlite_config.txt, right now i'm thinking the only solution is to change the type of the field to String

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ORMLite does not support database SQL enum columns which are only supported by a couple of database types. The ENUM_STRING is supposed to persist an enum type. Something like:

 private OurEnum udm;

 public enum OurEnum {

By default, ORMLite will then persist the enum as it's string value (RED, GREEN, BLUE) in a VARCHAR SQL field. If you have a String field then you should just let it be persisted as a STRING type. You can also use the DataType.ENUM_INTEGER if you want to store its value instead but that is not recommended for backwards compatibility reasons.

If you edit your questions to better explain what you are trying to accomplish, I can edit my answer to provide more information.

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so with this code OurEnum becomes varchar not enum in the database? – max4ever Jan 19 '12 at 16:22
As the answer states, the OurEnum field will get persisted in the database as a VARCHAR in the database. ORMLite does not support database enums which is only supported by a couple of database types. – Gray Jan 19 '12 at 16:25

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