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I have two UIImageViews, each containing a UIImage. The UIImageView that's on top has a UIImage whose contrast/brightness I want to modify according to which of two buttons is pressed. I put the CIFilter, CIContext and CIImage in the @implementation of my ViewController, initialised them in viewDidLoad like this:

controlsFilter = [CIFilter filterWithName:@"CIColorControls"];
newContext = [CIContext contextWithOptions:nil];
beginImage = [[CIImage alloc] initWithImage:imageView.image];
[controlsFilter setValue:beginImage forKey: kCIInputImageKey];

Then, the buttons that I press for either Contrast or Brightness have the following implementation of actions:

- (IBAction) contrast
    [slider setMaximumValue:4.0];
    [slider setMinimumValue:0.25];
    [slider setValue:1.0];
    if (contrast == NO) {
        contrast = YES;
        brightness = NO;
        [slider setHidden:NO];
    else {
        contrast = NO;
        [slider setHidden:YES];

- (IBAction) brightness {

    [slider setMaximumValue:1.0];
    [slider setMinimumValue:-1.0];
    [slider setValue:0.0];
    if (brightness == NO) {
        contrast = NO;
        brightness = YES;
        [slider setHidden:NO];
    else {
        brightness = NO;
        [slider setHidden:YES];

Up until here, everything seems fine, though when I try to modify the image in here:

-(IBAction)changeValue:(UISlider *)sender {
    float slideValue = [sender value];

    if (brightness == YES)
        [controlsFilter setValue:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:slideValue]  forKey:@"inputBrightness"];
    if (contrast == YES)
        [controlsFilter setValue:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:slideValue] forKey:@"inputContrast"];
    CIImage *outputImage = [controlsFilter outputImage];

    CGImageRef cgimg = [newContext createCGImage:outputImage fromRect:[outputImage extent]];

    UIImage *newImg = [UIImage imageWithCGImage:cgimg];    
    [imageView setImage:newImg];


Apparently, if I remove the UIImageView that's at the bottom, all works fine. When I have two UIImageViews, it crashes and I don't know how to fix it. I only want to get the context for the second view, not all of it.

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anyone, please? –  Sorin Cioban Jan 19 '12 at 14:24
What it written in the console when it crashes? What line does it crash on? What does your stack look like when it crashes? –  user1118321 Jan 19 '12 at 22:52
Hi, Sorin. I tried your code with arc. It works fine with one ImageView but if it's too slow. When I move slider it takes time to move. Is there any possibility like, if I run in an arc then it will run slow ? How should I handle this? –  iOSDev May 6 '13 at 12:50

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