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I'm using BulkLoader to load in images, SWFs, XML, etc into a game.

When working local, the content property on the LoadingItem is always good depending on the type of asset: Bitmap if it's an image, MovieClip if it's a SWF etc.

When I test the same swf, but under localhost, or online, the content property is always a Loader object.

Is this normal? Am I missing out a parameter or something?

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OK, for those that have the same problem - ImageLoader, line 57:

override public function onCompleteHandler(evt : Event) : void {
        // of no crossdomain has allowed this operation, this might
        // raise a security error
        _content = loader.content;
    }catch(e : SecurityError){
        // we can still use the Loader object (no dice for accessing it as data
        // though. Oh boy:
        _content = loader;
        // I am really unsure whether I should throw this event
        // it would be nice, but simply delegating the error handling to user's code 
        // seems cleaner (and it also mimics the Standar API behaviour on this respect)


Basically what was happening was that a SecurityError was occurring (though silently), which would set the content property to the Loader and not the Loader.content.

It was fixed with adding a Security.loadPolicyFile() before loading.

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