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I want to categorize comments as positive or negative based on the content. This is a problem of NLP(Natural Lang Processing) and i am finding difficulties in implementing this.

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Difficulties as in? Could you tell us about something you have done so far? – Greenhorn Feb 17 '12 at 11:48

Check out this blog post. The author describes how to build a Twitter Sentiment Classifier with Python and NLTK. Looks like a good start, as sentiment analysis is no easy task with lots of active research going on in the field.

Also search SO for Sentiment Analysis, I believe there already are many useful answers about this topic on the site.

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Here is, Combination of Semi Supervised co-occurance based and unsupervised WSD based classifier. Its in Python though. And you need nltk, wordnet, SentiWord-net and movie review corpus which comes with nltk.

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The problem is quite complex, anyway I love Pattern:

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If you are not categorizing a lot of comments you may wish to try using the chatterboax API

Else you can use Linpipe, but you will have to train your models

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