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I want to take multiple integer inputs in same line

eg :- input -1 -1 500 500

so that I can multiply them. I am taking the input in a string from keyboard - then what should I do?

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This prints ["5", "66", "7", "8"] if you type a line containing 5 66 7 8 (separated by any whitespace):

p $stdin.readline.split

To get them multiplied, do something like this:

q = 1
$stdin.readline.split.each {|n| q *= n.to_i }
p q
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or even $stdin.readline.split.map{|s| s.to_i }.inject{|p,i| p * i} or $stdin.readline.split.inject(1){|p,s| p * s.to_i} –  Mike Woodhouse May 21 '09 at 12:38

Or you could use String#scan:

irb> "input -1 -1 500 500".scan(/[+-]?\d+/).map { |str| str.to_i } 
#=> [-1, -1, 500, 500 ]
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array = input.split(' ')

or, if you're entering them as command line parameters, just use the ARGV array

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