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Here's interface that I have declared:

public interface class IShedluer
    array<Object^>^ GetResult(UInt64 taskId);

Here's the class that is trying to implement it:

ref class MyShedluer:IShedluer
    Shedluer ^shedluer;//this is NOT MyShedluer

    array<Object^>^ GetResult(UInt64 taskId)
        return shedluer->GetResult(taskId);

When I'm trying to compile this, I'm getting

Error   15  error C3766: 'MyShedluer' must provide an implementation for 
the interface method 'cli::array<Type> ^IShedluer::GetResult(unsigned __int64)'
d:\users\menkaur\documents\visual studio 2010\projects\MyProject\
\kernel\MyShedluer.h    78  1   MyProject.Kernel

Why am I getting this?

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the correct syntax for implementing an interface is to add virtual:

ref class MyShedluer:IShedluer
  virtual array<Object^>^ GetResult(UInt64 taskId);

Also the compiler tells you this, look at your warnings as well:

warning C4488: 'MyShedluer::GetResult' : requires 'virtual' keyword
to implement the interface method 'IShedluer::GetResult'
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