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I have following python project file structure:


Main.py works with pkgutil. It uses function load_module(name), where name can be func1, func2 or serv_func. Func1.py doesn't have any import statements in it and load_module(func1) works fine for it. Func2.py has 'import serv_func' and load_module(func2) raises the exception 'No module named serv_func'. I was just lost in all this namespaces, modules and imports. I even don't know where the problem is. Why it doesn't see serv_func when loading func2?



import functions
import pkgutil

def usable_modules(package):
    modules = pkgutil.iter_modules(package.__path__)
    usable = []
    for importer, name, ispkg in modules:
        print importer, name, ispkg
        module = pkgutil.find_loader('{0}.{1}'.format(package.__name__, name)).\
        if hasattr(module, 'CHOOSABLE') and module.CHOOSABLE:
    return usable

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It would help if you added the code used with pkgutil to show how you're using it. –  Eric Fortin Jan 19 '12 at 13:10
Edited my question. –  sunprophit Jan 19 '12 at 13:16

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