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I would like to have a form with which I could filter the data displayed in a grid. Here's a sketch:

// form to be used for filtering  

first name: [Mark]
last name:  [    ]
age:        [ 13 ]—[ 19 ]

(Filter)    (Clear filters)

// grid to be filtered

| first name | last name | age |
| Mark       | Twain     | 17  |

I know of the Grid filer example from the ExtJS website, but it doesn't seem intuitive for the users. How can I use a separate form to enter criteria for filtering a grid?

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Look at Ext.ux.grid.FiltersFeature api. There are methods to manipulate filters. Example code which adds filter to grid:

var filter = grid.filters.getFilter('company');
if (!filter) {
    filter = grid.filters.addFilter({
        active: true,
        type: 'string',
        dataIndex: 'company'
filter.setValue('3m Co');
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