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In .NET, Microsoft has guidelines for naming classes, members, etc. when developing class libraries. Other languages may also have best practices how to name classes, how/if to use some notations.

Now SOAP is a protocol that can be used to possibly communicate across language boundaries. Are there best practices how to name functions, variable names, etc.? Or should I use whatever my language (if at all) uses? Or when I'm generating a SOAP interface via tools (e.g. WCF service contracts), should I use whatever the tool produces?

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There seems to be no official W3C naming convention for service method names.

Some commonly used guidelines:

  • Method names should clearly indicate what they do from the client's point of view

  • Use different method names instead of overloading

  • In general, PascalCasing seems to be favored (no underscores). For .Net, follow the .Net naming conventions for normal methods.

You may also find this blog post from Oracle useful.

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