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I've the following code to change a property in Jackson. I'm annotating the classes with XMLRootElements and letting Jersey convert it to JSON, using jackson.

Classes are JAXB annotated.

public class JacksonObjectMapper implements ContextResolver<ObjectMapper> {
private ObjectMapper objectMapper;

     public JacksonObjectMapper() throws Exception {
        objectMapper.configure( DeserializationConfig.Feature.ACCEPT_EMPTY_STRING_AS_NULL_OBJECT, true);

    public ObjectMapper getContext(Class<?> type) {
         return this.objectMapper;

The configuration above, works as expected if I use Jackson outside jersey (i.e: using his own function), but If I use it inside a Jersey app, the configuration options are ignored.

Is there a way to instruct Jersey to use my class to serialize / deserialize from XML to JSON?

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Is something missing from example? Specifically, are you constructing ObjectMapper, or expecting something to provide it? –  StaxMan Jan 21 '12 at 4:36

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Add this class to your javax.ws.rs.core.Application's classes list:

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