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Desperately trying to enable a widget from functions.php file... When I use it as plugin the widget is available in widgets page and can be included in any widget area.

I want it to show up in the widgets page by itself, without using a plugin for it. How can I register this widget from functions.php, don't want a static position but user must be able to drag and drop it to a widget area from the widgets page.

Any help = highly appreciated!

function quokka_sidebar_tagcloud($args) {
  echo $before_widget;

 echo '<br class="clear" />';
echo $after_widget;


function quokka_sidebar_tagcloud_init()
  register_sidebar_widget(__('Quokka: Sidebar Tagcloud'), 'quokka_sidebar_tagcloud');
add_action("plugins_loaded", "quokka_sidebar_tagcloud_init");
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Try calling

add_action("plugins_loaded", "quokka_sidebar_tagcloud_init");

in init and not in "plugins_loaded". Like this

add_action("init", "quokka_sidebar_tagcloud_init");

Also this snippet of code is not inside any block or function in the functions.php file right?

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add_action("init", "quokka_sidebar_tagcloud_init"); does the job indeed.. thanks Sudar! –  quokka Jan 19 '12 at 18:54

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