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I have a model called shipments. I added some columns to the shipments table and there are some columns that are supposed to be calculated before save. So now I have to edit every record and hit update in order for the new columns to calculate and add the data.

So is there a way to perform a global save on all shipment records so the data can be added?

before_save :default_values
  def default_values
    self.volume = 1 unless self.volume
    self.kilograms = 1 unless self.kilograms
    self.status = "Open" if self.status.blank?
      if self.mode == "Air"
        self.estimated_transit_time = self.etd_origin + 7.days
        self.eta_place_of_delivery = self.etd_origin + 7.days
        self.estimated_transit_time = self.etd_origin + (Place.find_by_city(self.place_of_loading).transit_time).days
        self.eta_place_of_delivery = self.etd_origin + (self.estimated_transit_time).days
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You can make a method like this:

def self.save_all
    Shipment.all.each { |shipment| shipment.save! }

Then just call:

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I get SystemStackError (stack level too deep): but if I run Shipment.all.each {|shipment| shipment.save!} in the console it works. Thanks! :) –  leonel Jan 19 '12 at 14:56

One liner:

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All those solutions make n calls to database. It would be more interesting to make only 1 call like update_all does for collection update. –  Augustin Riedinger Sep 18 at 10:26

Load your data by batch. Never load all at once

Shipment.find_each(:batch_size => 1000) do |shipment|

Then when you have to calculate some fields after a migration or something else. Simply add this job to your migration.

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