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I've got some data up on Google App Engine's live datastore, but would like to have a local copy as well for local development. What's the best way to do an occasional sync?

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There's no trivial way to do this, but there are some possibilities:

  • Use the official bulk uploader (from the GAE-Python SDK) if your application is in Python (but not Django)
  • Use Gaebar if your application is in Django
  • Use the Datanucleus REST API if your app is in Java

You can also try some other open source projects meant to solve this problem. AppRocket was a promising one, but there's only one commiter to the project and there is no activity in the past months...

Also, star issues 59 and 776 to get this included officially by google.

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Thanks for the information. I've messed with the bulk uploader, but it doesn't support setting key name at all. Alas, my app is neither Django nor Java, so it looks like I'll have to work out some custom solution. What a pain. –  user110496 May 26 '09 at 12:28
Good luck! I guess it will be tricky when dealing with primary keys (which in most projects are auto-generated). –  ivo May 26 '09 at 21:13

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