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After struggling with RegisterGlobalFilters and HandleErrorAttribute forever I decided to go back to the bare bones. I created a new MVC 3 project in VS10, using the template. Add a throw DivideByZeroException in the About-action and fired up the dev server. Expected not to see a yellow screen.

But I did.

Why won't this work for me?


archil's and Adam Tuliper's suggestion kind of worked. The Error view was called.

Then I proceed to add this in RegisterGlobalFilters.

filters.Add(new HandleErrorAttribute { ExceptionType = typeof(DivideByZeroException), View = "DivideByZeroException", Order = 1 });
filters.Add(new HandleErrorAttribute { View = "AllOtherExceptions", Order = 2 });

The AllOtherExceptions view was called. Why not the DivideByZeroException view?

The followup question has been posted here.

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A note to people debugging error handling and any other global code: recycle you webserver between compiles. –  Martin Jan 20 '12 at 10:13

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HandleErrorAttribute works when following conditions are met

  • CustomErrors is enabled in web config
  • If exception is HttpException, its error code is 500.

As in your case second condition is met, ensure you have custom erros turned on

     <customErrors mode="On"></customErrors>
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To be honest I anticipated your response but I didn't except it to kind of work. I thought was a fallback if MVC-handlers were not registered. Please, view my update. –  Martin Jan 19 '12 at 16:18

Do you have custom errors turned ON in your web.config? If not turn it on, and it should work.

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Please view my update. –  Martin Jan 19 '12 at 16:23

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