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I am trying to connect a dojo 1.7 objectStore or itemFileWriteStore to a grid but I;m not sure what I'm doing wrong.

When I run my code below using the ItemFileWriteStore, I get the grid headers but I dont see my data. When I use ObjectStore, the grid isnt there.

What am I doing wrong?

UPDATE: just noticed that the store.data attribute is empty. Must mean the format of of my "dataBucket" could be wrong?

            function (on,ready,dom,objStore,memStore,grid,itemStore){
                    var dataBucket = {//idProperty: 'ID',  //for object store?
                                      identifer: 'ID', //for itemStore
                                      items : [
                                          {ID : '100', col2 : 'Ciao Ciao'},
                                          {ID : '200', col2 : 'Hello'}

                    var stuff = new itemStore({data : dataBucket});
                    //var stuff = new objStore({store : dataBucket});
                    //var stuff = new memStore({data : dataBucket});

                    var layout = [[
                            {'name':'ID','field' : 'ID','width' : '100px'},
                            {'name':'Stuff','field' : 'col2','width' : '100px'}
                    var myGrid = new grid({
                                id: 'grid',
                                store: stuff,
                                structure: layout,
                                rowSelector: '20px'},


                    myGrid.startup();                        })
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turns out the store hadnt been populated with data correctly. It constructed a store without indicating the data passed in was in the incorrect format

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I think you may have made a mistake in layout definition. shouldn't second field be col2, like you defined in your dataBucket ?

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its not that, I just tried to rename and it still doesnt work. I think its something to do with the store itself –  thiswayup Jan 19 '12 at 15:51
try defining your layout without ' surrounding name, field and ID: {name: 'ID', field: 'ID', width: '100px'}. it works this way for my grids. –  maialithar Jan 19 '12 at 16:09

also you've write:

identifer: 'ID'

and it's

identifier: 'ID'
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The dojo/store/Memory go inner to dojo/store/ObjectStore

stuff = new ObjectStore({ objectStore:new Memory({ data: dataBucket }) });

and the store property of the grid

var myGrid = new grid({
                        id: 'grid',
                        store: stuff,
                        structure: layout,
                        rowSelector: '20px'},
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