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Why in jQuery core.js isn't extend defined as like this:

jQuery.extend = jQuery.fn.extend = function() {

and not as a prototype like:

jQuery.prototype.extend = jQuery.fn.prototype.extend = function() {

Presumably with the former, objects created from jQuery will not have the extend function.

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Because jQuery.fn === jQuery.prototype

It is defined on the prototype. jQuery just decided it would be "cute" to alias the prototype to .fn

Which is why

    "lulz": "baz" 
}, { 
    "more-lulz": "no wai" 
})["more-lulz"] === "no wai"; // true
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Well, because fn is nothing than a shortcut to the prototype property :

console.log($.prototype === $.fn);

Maybe John Resig got bored of typing prototype for every method and set up a nice alias fn (which is indeed shorter and in my opinion more suggestive).

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O yer missed that one, it sort of masks prototype a little which makes it slightly more difficult to read for the sake of 7 letters but who am I to argue with John Resig –  zode64 Jan 19 '12 at 15:22

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