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Hi i am writing an android app. And I want the roboto font in it irrespective of the version of the phone. Is there a way to do it?

Thanks, Rahim.

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Yeah why not, you can get the Roboto font :

Android ICS typography

Lets say you want to change the font of a text view :

   Typeface tf = Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets(),
    TextView tv = (TextView) findViewById(R.id.FontTextView);
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Is there a way to set this typeface property in the XML itself? Or more simply, in the AndroidManifest.xml itself, to use across the whole app? –  Rahim Jan 19 '12 at 18:23
I didn't find any way to do this either, so I ended up with this stackoverflow.com/questions/9797872/… –  Arnaud May 12 '12 at 12:42

Try this link http://www.barebonescoder.com/2010/05/android-development-using-custom-fonts/

Set the typeface property of the control you are targeting to serif... and for the font file I recommend using TTF, it has worked for me in the past

Also try these links


Android - Using Custom Font

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To set the font in XML is moderately more effort but has the advantage of being able to preview the font inside the Eclipse ADT‘s graphical layout tab of the XML layout editor. Again, first include your custom font .ttf file in the your application’s assets folder.

Create a custom textview class:

public class TypefacedTextView extends TextView
 public TypefacedTextView(Context context, AttributeSet attrs)
  super(context, attrs);

   // Typeface.createFromAsset doesn't work in the layout editor. Skipping ...
   if (isInEditMode())

   TypedArray styledAttrs = context.obtainStyledAttributes(attrs, R.styleable.TypefacedTextView);
   String fontName = styledAttrs.getString(R.styleable.TypefacedTextView_typeface);

   if (fontName != null)
     Typeface typeface = Typeface.createFromAsset(context.getAssets(), fontName);

Now to include this custom TypefacedTextView in your XML Layouts simply add your XML namespace attribute below the Android XML namespace attribute:

<LinearLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
... />

And use your TypefacedTextView as you would a normal TextView in XML but with your own custom tag, remembering to set your font:

  your_namespace:typeface="Roboto-Regular.ttf" />

See my blog post for more info: http://polwarthlimited.com/2013/05/android-typefaces-including-a-custom-font/

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404 on the link in the answer –  harmanjd Aug 28 '14 at 2:49

You can apply specific styles in android that allow you to change the font etc. Check out this link to the android developer site. Styles and Themes

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Why was this downvoted? –  tier1 Jul 18 '13 at 12:55

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