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I have a little troubles with windows authentication

We have two "fully trusted" Active directory (let say A and B)

The users have account in both active directory.

The login they use to log into windows is defined in the A.

I have a web application, with windows authentication enabled

I publish the application on the dev server, the user access it via Internet Explorer and the username displayed is good, the one he logged into windows.

(Internet Explorer doesn't prompt for credentials)

Then I do exactly the same thing on the prod server, and the username is one from the other domain (the B).

Both servers are in the domain B, it's an IIS 6 on a win server 2003 SP2

I displayed some information with the WindowsIdentity if it helps :

( WindowsIdentity winIdentity = User.Identity as WindowsIdentity)

Authentication type : Negotiate ImpersonationLevel : Impersonation IsAnonymous : False IsAuthenticated : True IsGuest : False IsSystem : False Name : DOMAINB\UserName

I don't know how to have the good username. Can anybody help me with that?

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Accepting answers for some of your old questions will make people answer this one faster. You've accepted answers for 0 of 7: stackoverflow.com/users/135590/sam?tab=questions –  Chris Shain Jan 19 '12 at 16:21
None of them really helped me ... –  Sam Jan 19 '12 at 16:34
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