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I'am trying to set my alarm at certain time of the day e.g: 20:15 and this is the code that i'm working with but it doesn't go off at 20:15

        Intent intent = new Intent(AlarmActivity.this, MyBroadcastReceiver.class);
        intent.putExtra("Hekma", "One better than none");
        PendingIntent pintent = PendingIntent.getService(AlarmActivity.this, 0,intent, 0);
        AlarmManager alarm = (AlarmManager)getSystemService(ALARM_SERVICE);
        Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();

        cal.set(Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY, 20);
        cal.set(Calendar.MINUTE, 15);
        cal.set(Calendar.SECOND, 0);
        cal.set(Calendar.MILLISECOND, 0);
        alarm.set(AlarmManager.RTC_WAKEUP, cal.getTimeInMillis(), pintent);
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i use alarmManager in my Project and it works perfectly try this it may help You :

Intent myIntent =  new Intent(MainActivity.this, MyAlarmService.class);
pendingIntent = PendingIntent.getService(MainActivity.this, 0, myIntent, 0);
AlarmManager alarmManager =  (AlarmManager)getSystemService(ALARM_SERVICE);

  Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();
 calendar.set(Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY, 23);
   calendar.set(Calendar.MINUTE, 59);
    calendar.set(Calendar.SECOND, 0);
   alarmManager.set(AlarmManager.RTC_WAKEUP, calendar.getTimeInMillis(), pendingIntent);
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alarm.set(AlarmManager.RTC_WAKEUP, cal.getTimeInMillis() - System.currentTimeMillis(), pintent);

This should get the difference between the two times and therefore how long to go before when you want it to go off. Hence, it should go off at the time you want it to go off.

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tried this it didn't work nothing happened –  Qassem AlBahdour Jan 19 '12 at 16:35
Ok, just comparing that again to my code I have for an alarm. The only other difference that I can see is that you have "PendingIntent.getService(....;". However, I have "PendingIntent.getBroadcast(....". put the arguments for alarm.set back to what you had and let me know if it works. –  Richard Lewin Jan 19 '12 at 16:39
now it goes immediately regardless of the time i set after changing to PendingIntent.getBroadcast(... –  Qassem AlBahdour Jan 19 '12 at 16:43
it works now i removed (- System.currentTimeMillis()) thanks alot –  Qassem AlBahdour Jan 19 '12 at 16:46
excellent, cheers. –  Richard Lewin Jan 19 '12 at 16:49

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