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Working on an old Kohana 2 project and I want to link two models.

I have a model called User with the following ORM relationships:

protected $primary_key = 'User_ID';
protected $belongs_to = array('group');
protected $has_many = array('user_address');

I have another Model called User_Address with ORM relationships:

protected $table_name = 'user_address';
protected $belongs_to = array('user');

However I am getting the following SQL error:

Unknown column 'user_address.user_User_ID' in 'where clause' - SELECT `user_address`.* FROM (`user_address`) WHERE `user_address`.`user_User_ID` = 2 ORDER BY `user_address`.`id` ASC

I can see from the error that it is trying to link to user_address.user_User_ID whereas it should be user_address.User_ID. Is there a way to map the foreign key like Kohana 3?

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Got it!

Needed to add protected $foreign_key = array('user_address' => 'User_ID'); to the User_Model

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