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How do you get back the full content of rows in SQL Server Management Studio?

If you use "results to grid" the data is encoded, so things like line breaks are lost. If you do "result to file" or "results to text" the text is limited to 8192 characters.

NOTE: I have the solution, but I am using SO to document this. If you have a better answer feel free to post it.

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I cast it to XML

select @variable_with_long_text
 as [processing-instruction(x)] FOR XML PATH 

The processing-instruction bit is there to stop it entitising characters such as < to &lt;

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Simply casting it to xML will give you all of the data? Interesting. – javamonkey79 Jan 19 '12 at 18:00

I develop an add-in for SSMS - "SSMSBoost" and have recently added "Copy cell contents 1:1" feature (accessible in context menue of Grid). It will return you all data from the cell without any modifications and without truncating.

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One of the DBA's at my company suggested a possible solution is to put the data in a temporary variable and then use the print function in a loop, like so:

DECLARE @contents varchar(MAX)
SET @contents = ''

SELECT     @contents = @contents + Contents + CHAR(13)
FROM         dbo.tFOO
WHERE     someConition

DECLARE @tContents TABLE (id int IDENTITY, contents varchar(MAX))

WHILE @contents LIKE '%' + CHAR(13) + '%'
    PRINT SUBSTRING(@contents, 0, CHARINDEX(CHAR(13), @contents))

    SET @contents = SUBSTRING(@contents, CHARINDEX(CHAR(13), @contents)+1, LEN(@contents) - CHARINDEX(CHAR(13), @contents))
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