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I am trying to setup my computer for Ruby on Rails development. All new to this.

Though I have had some problems with my Rails installation and want to reset everything and start again on setting it up.

The problem I get now is installing and using bash in Terminal except of the installed zsh.

I´m trying the command ➜ ~ rvm install 1.9.2

but only get:

zsh: correct 'rvm' to 'rvim' [nyae]? 

which opens the file in an texteditor.

Isn´t it supposed to be a downloadable file, which should be installed automaticly ?

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It sounds like rvm is not on your path. You could specify the executable location explicitly:

~/.rvm/rvm install 1.9.2

(or maybe /usr/local/rvm/rvm depending on where you installed it)

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