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I'm not a C++ guy and I'm having some trouble understanding how to pass a function pointer/callback function to a method. The callback is defined as follows

    IXRDependencyObject *pExistingXRDO,
    UINT objectId

The method I am attempting to pass it too is defined as follows (all other params removed)

    __in    PFN_CREATE_XAMLOBJECT   pfXamlObjectCreation,
) = 0;

The function I have defined to pass on is as follows

HRESULT CreateFn(__in IXRDependencyObject *pExistingXRDO, UINT objectId)
    return S_OK;

I am attempting to pass the the function pointer as follows.


I get the following error

Error   3   error C2440: 'type cast' : cannot convert from 'HRESULT (__cdecl MyClass::* )(IXRDependencyObject *,UINT)' to 'PFN_CREATE_XAMLOBJECT'

Any help would be much appreciated.

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have you defined CreateFn as static? – Anders K. Jan 19 '12 at 17:09
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Two problems here.

First, a function pointer can not point to a member function, because a member function requires a this pointer to operate. You must make the member function static, or make the pointer a member function pointer.

Second, the function pointer and the function must use the same calling convention. The pointer uses CALLBACK, which is defined to __stdcall.

Here's a revised function:

static HRESULT CALLBACK CreateFn(IXRDependencyObject *pExistingXRDO,
                                 UINT objectId)
    return S_OK;
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Thanks for the answers folks. Super fast! – Innovare Jan 23 '12 at 13:27

you must pass a plain function, not a member function (a function which is a field of a class). They are distinct objects, in fact, the method takes a hidden additional argument, which is obviously the pointer to this (the object the method is called on). If you want to enclose the callback definition in a class anyway, make it a static method.

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A member function needs an object to be called on which you're not passing, while what you want is a normal function.

Use a static method in your class instead, that does not require an object pointer to be passed to it.

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