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I have a situation where I would like to create a 1-to-1 relationship in Entity Framework (4.2) using code first fluent configuration API, the twist is that I need to use a link/map table to do it.

Here is a diagram of my table layout.

1-to-1 relationship with link table

This is what I am after ...

HasOptional(x => x.FieldPerson)
    .Map(map =>

... but there doesn't seem to be a way to do it.

The alternative is to create my 3 entities and manage them myself using joins where appropriate.

Is this even possible or is it a scenario that EF fluent API doesn't handle?

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I'm going to answer my own question again!

I don't think EF code first deals with this situation because the whole concept of a link/map table suggests a many-to-many relationship.

For my particular case this is a database-first situation and I "have" to deal with these tables as I cannot change the database as this stage.

What I've done is use a Many-to-Many code first configuration ...

    .Map(map =>

... as there is nothing in my database schema to prevent me from creating a many to many relationship. If I did want that behaviour then I would simply need to add a unique constraint on each field (which EF code first doesn't support anyway)

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