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I have attempted creating a cllocation object using the tapmessage's wheregeo and worldloc properties. however the lat and lon & x, y values that i get from them are not able to be used to create a cllocation object. Maybe i am formatting incorrectly?

Thanks in advances

logging this

GeoCoord coord = msg.whereGeo;
Point3f point = msg.worldLoc;
NSLog(@"x point is %f",point.x());
NSLog(@"y point is %f",point.y());
NSLog(@"from wheregeo %f",coord.lat());
NSLog(@"from wheregeo %f",coord.lon());

gives me this

2012-01-19 12:30:22.491 WhirlyGlobeApp[1068:4007] x point is -0.138646

2012-01-19 12:30:22.492 WhirlyGlobeApp[1068:4007] y point is 0.554229

2012-01-19 12:30:22.493 WhirlyGlobeApp[1068:4007] from wheregeo 0.962698

2012-01-19 12:30:22.494 WhirlyGlobeApp[1068:4007] from wheregeo 1.815925

I am using the cllocation default init with latittude and longitude method

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That would be radians vs. degrees. The coordinates are in radians, but you probably need degrees for CLLocation.

Just use the RadToDeg() template in GlobeMath.h. It looks weird, but just call it like a function.

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Thank you very much!!! –  Walter Martin Vargas-Pena Jan 19 '12 at 18:14

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