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I've been trying to force various columns in a DataGridView to take specified formats.

I've succeeded formatting my dates with the following:

dataToDoList.Columns["Due Date"].DefaultCellStyle.Format = "dd MMMM yyyy";

However I cant seem to format other columns in which I only want to show times. I've tried the following without success:

dataTimeSheet.Columns["Finish Time"].DefaultCellStyle.Format = "hh:mm";

Has anyone any ideas what is wrong with this second line?

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Hmm. Date time formatting is often rather odd. Take a look at MSDN's article on it for some advice.

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In the end I modified my sql Command to get the info in the correct format at source

LEFT(CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), te.StartTime, 8), 5) AS [Start Time], 
LEFT(CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), te.FinishTime, 8), 5) AS [Finish Time]
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