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I have a report with a dynamic xml file as datasource. This file is generated previously to launch the report and is send like a report parameter.

So I declared a datasource with target in "property binding":

"/path_to_folder_with_generated_files/data/" + params["dynamic_xml_file"].value

At this point, go all right.

But i need that "/path_to_folder_with_generated_files/data/" will be

{BIRT_VIEWER_WORKING_FOLDER} + "/data/" + params["dynamic_xml_file"].value

where {BIRT_VIEWER_WORKING_FOLDER} will be the value of this context parameter declared in web.xml deploy descriptor.

How do i access to context parameters from birt javascript?

Environment: Birt 3.7.1 deployed in Glassfish 3.1, ubuntu linux, jdk 1.6

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Solution in: http://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/mv/msg/277462/780873/#msg_780873

reportContext.getHttpServletRequest().getSession().getServletContext().getInitParameter("BIRT_VIEWER_WORKING_FOLDER") + "/data/" + params["dynamic_xml_file"].value

Thnaks, Jason.

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