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I have a table that gets populated every day with records from reporting systems. I have a list of the serial numbers those i am interested in returning in an asset list. How do I get Grails to return the records that match the maximum "epoch" entry for each asset? In sql I would cross join the table back to itself after picking out the maximum such as:

select a.* from assetTable a inner join (select sn, max(epoch) epoch from assetTable group by sn) b on a.sn = b.sn and a.epoch = b.epoch

but I cannot figure out how to get this done efficiently with Grails...

From a domain class perspective it is pretty simple. Consider for the same of example that I have a single domain class "AssetTable" and it has Integer epoch, String sn, ...

Literally, all I want to do is get the latest entry (all fields) for a subset of serial numbers (sn) that I have in a List.

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Without knowing more about your domain models, it's tough to help. Please post the relevant domain classes. –  cdeszaq Jan 19 '12 at 18:42
If you're worried with efficiently, straight SQL like you have is going to be the most efficient. As you start adding layers (eg. HQL, Dynamic GORM finders) you're going to reduce your efficiency. If you want to do GORM finders you can do: def assets = AssetTable.list(); def maxEpoch = assets.max {it.epoch}; def finalList = assets.findAll {it.epoch == maxEpoch}; –  Jarred Olson Jan 19 '12 at 19:15

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