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I'm trying to find one phone to fit in each of the categories listed on the android site : here.

Reason being is that I want to order at lest one device in each category to test layouts on. I know that I could do this on the emulator fairly easy. However, my company would like to also use physical devices and we have the budget to do so :) I'm having a hard time categorizing different phones into the different categories. Is there any such list that already exists?

I started trying to manually calculate dp based on pixels and dpi listed on I'm finding that some phones don't even seem to fall in the categories listed : here For example the LG axis ( after calculating the dp has the following: 438dp X 263dp. This doesn't meet the small screen size criteria (small: Screens that are of similar size to a low-density QVGA screen. The minimum layout size for a small screen is approximately 320x426 dp units. Examples are QVGA low density and VGA high density). Perhaps something is wrong w/ my dp formula? dp = (px*160)/dpi?

I think its possible that gmsareana could have bad info, but I'm still at a loss for coming up with physical devices I can order that fit into each of the major screen sizes and densities.

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i prepared a similar list somteime ago. check if its useful for you

Samsung Ace 3.5 in HVGA (320*480) Samsung galaxy S 4.0 inches WVGA(480*800) Samsung galaxy II 4.3 in WVGA(480*800)

Sony Ericsson xperia x10 4 inches FWVGA(854*480) Sony Ericsson xperia play 4 in FWVGA(854*480) Sony Ericsson xperia ray 3.3 in FWVGA(854*480) Sony Ericsson xperia arc 4.2 in FWVGA(854*480) Sony Ericsson xperia arc plus 4.2 in FWVGA(854*480) Sony ericsson xperia pro 3.7 inches FWVGA(854*480)

LG optimus 3.2 in HVGA(320 * 480) HTC Desire 3.7 in WVGA(480*800) HTC wildfire 3.2 QVGA (320*240) HTC wildfire S 3.2 HVGA (320*480)

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Check the 'display' section of this table

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This is a great list. However, try finding a Small Screen, High Density device on that list that you can actually order. According to the metrices that represents 2.9% of the market. – LowDev1 Jan 19 '12 at 19:10
Perhaps maybe your company shouldn't worry about that 2.9%? Heres another list that may help: – VicVu Jan 19 '12 at 19:30

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