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I'm trying to auto-detect if the selection of a textarea contains new lines, or if the full line has been selected.

For example

  • [abc def] xyz => should be false, because only [abc def] is selected
  • [abc def xyz] => should be true, because the entire line has been selected
  • the selection spans across multiple lines (true):

     abc [def xyz
     abc def xyz
     abc def] xyz

This will detect the last case:

var range = getTextAreaSelection(textarea),
    selection = textarea.value.substring(range[0], range[1]);

if(selection.indexOf('\n') !== -1)
  // do stuff...

But how do I handle the other two?

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You could check what the character before/after is:

textarea.value.charAt(range[0] - 1); // if it's `\r` or `\n` it's the first char of a line
textarea.value.charAt(range[1] + 1); // same fot last char of a line

If either or both return an empty string, it's the beginning/ending of the textarea value so that would also count as a full line.

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thanks. Is there a way I can make the conditional check shorter? :) Right know the IF is huge :s –  Alex Jan 19 '12 at 19:03
@Alex: You could do ~textarea.value.substring(range[0] - 1, range[0] + 1).indexOf("\n") since ~ coerces -1 into a falsy value and all other indices as a truthy value. –  pimvdb Jan 19 '12 at 19:04

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