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I'm having a difficult time figuring out how should I make a hole bunch of redirects (301) to Nginx. Maybe you can give me some help.

Basically I have a few hundred of url's like this one above: http://www.website.com/product/intl/bg-BG/browserchoice/download.html?track=1871

And I need to redirect to: http://www.website.com/home/download/download.php?prod=browser&track=1871

How should I do it? (*bg-BG from source is the single variable that changes)

Please help me.


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Please try this, it peforms internal redirect in nginx:

rewrite ^/product/intl/.*/browserchoice/download.html$ /home/download/download.php?prod=browser&$args break;

But if you really want redirect (this is not a good choice) :

rewrite ^/product/intl/.*/browserchoice/download.html$ http://www.website.com/home/download/download.php?prod=browser&$args permanent;

I also suggest you to read official documentation here http://wiki.nginx.org/HttpRewriteModule

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