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I've look through the API on Sencha's website, googled around, and tinkered with the code, but I just can't find how to get a handle on the textfield in the toolbar. I'd like to bind an event to it. I've tried this so far,

Ext.getCmp('numberfield-1028-bodyEl').addListener('activate', function(){

where 'numberfield-1028-bodyEl' is the element id ( I got this from using firebug ). Any ideas?

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You can reach needed textfield using down( [String selector] ) method (the argument is component selector which allows to search needed component by its xtype and by using similar syntax to a CSS selector. More info here)

var grid = Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', { /* ... */ });

grid.down('pagingtoolbar > textfield').addListener('activate', function(){
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