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I am starting to work with GAE Task Queue system and things seem to be working fine except for one issue. Everything works fine in my Django-nonrel project with the default queue but breaks with named queues and says it can not find them. I also noticed that they do not show up in the Console as expected. I followed the guide and would assume that just having the queue.yaml in the project would be enough to see them.

Here is an example:

- name: bob
  max_concurrent_requests: 200
  rate: 20/s

- name: default
  rate: 10/s

I would expect to see the default and another task queue called "bob" in the Console.

Am I missing something in my configuration of this? Doesn't the presence of the queue.yaml set things up properly?

I am running GAEL 1.6.1

Thanks, RB

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By chance did you start with default on one app version, bump the app version when adding bob, then forget to set the new version as default in the admin console? I make a similar mistake at least once a week. – Dave W. Smith Jan 19 '12 at 20:28
I am running up against this on my dev server and thought it would show up there without worrying about versions. – renderbox Jan 27 '12 at 21:00

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