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Im using Mustache.js to fill dynamically the html content, i know that I can use the {% templatetag %} tag, but I want to use these files as Django templates and as Mustach.js templates, and also I found te template tag too large for programming.

I want to create a new tag like {% include_template "templates/none/absolute/url.hmtl" %} or is it possible to extend the {% include %} tag to receive a "no_parse" param? it would be perfect to use it as:

{% include "my_template.html" no_parse %}

Where my_template.html looks something like:

Hello {{user}}, you have {{points}} points!
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The built-in ssi template tag should do what you want:

{% ssi "my_template.html" %}

Make sure to read the note on defining ALLOWED_INCLUDE_ROOTS.

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