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Hi I am trying to use the list() function to retrieve two variables from within a function. The function returns the to variables within an array.

function thumb_dimensions($case, $image_width, $image_height){
        case 1:
            $thumb_width    =   100;
            $thumb_height   =   100;
        case 2:
            $thumb_height   =   100;
            $ratio          =   $thumb_height / $image_height;
            $thumb_width    =   round( $image_width * $ratio );
        case 3:
            $thumb_width    =   100;
            $ratio          =   $thumb_width / $image_width;
            $thumb_height   =   round($image_height * $ratio);

        return array($thumb_width, $thumb_height);


$case = 3;
list($thumb_width, $thumb_height) = thumb_dimensions($case, $image_width, $image_height);
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What is the result of var_dump(thumb_dimensions($case, $image_width, $image_height))? –  afuzzyllama Jan 19 '12 at 20:48

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The return statement is inside the switch but after the break, so it doesn't run. Your function doesn't return anything and the list fails.

Move the return statement out of the switch and it should be fine.

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